Is the Bible relevant for today?

Can the Bible possibly be relevant for the modern world in which we live?

It was written thousands of years ago -  thousands of miles from the UK.

Can it really have anything meaningful to say that we should listen to?

Even if it was relevant back in those days -  our lives are so different now!

And anyway hasn't science proved that we no longer have to even believe in God because we are all here by blind chance.

We thought that it might be a good idea to answer some of these questions.

We totally believe in the Bible but understand many don't. 

So we have decided to do a series of 3 presentations over the next 3 months to hopefully shed some light on why the Bible IS relevant for today.

We will show you some amazing information from the Bible that we think will really change your perspective on this ancient book.

The presentations won't cost you anything other than a little of your time.


Wednesday 16th October - 7:30pm

Evidence the Bible is TRUE!

Wednesday 13th November - 7:30pm

God's PLAN for planet earth

Wednesday 11th December - 7:30pm

Building a RELATIONSHIP with God


On all the Wednesdays inbetween we have a Bible Reading Group at the same venue.