Life Coaching from the Bible

Think of the last ten years. Good times and bad: boom and bust; more freedom but, for many, more fear; higher living standards but, for some, financial ruin; floods in our part of the world – drought in others. Few things are more stressful than uncertainty...

...and so we turn to many things for guidance: friends, self-help books, the internet.

Some of us even look for professional help – life coaches are always keen to tell us how to be happier.

These seminars will be different from most life coaching courses – for a start, they won’t cost you a thing. They’ll present the timeless advice and wisdom of the Bible rather than the ever-changing theories of human philosophy.

You’ll find it amazing how the Bible provides an age-old, yet up to date, perspective on the challenges of everyday life.

Even if you don’t believe in God or that the Bible is God’s Word, come along and listen to the practical advice the Bible gives and decide for yourself if it makes sense.

We will show you Bible teaching that can really help you deal with the pressures of living in today’s world.

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The Seminars will be held in Pershore Library