New Seminars - Start 8th October 2018

Don't you think that the world seems to be quite unstable at the moment?

Things are changing politically, socially, and even the weather is on the change!

Don't you think that life seems more stressful than it once did?

Relationships break down, families struggle with money, jobs have increased pressure.

So how do we make sense of all this?

Perhaps it is time to Give Your Life A New Perspective!


These seminars will present the timeless advice and wisdom of the Bible rather than the ever-changing theories of human philosophy.

You’ll find it amazing how the Bible provides an age-old, yet up to date, perspective on the challenges of everyday life.

Even if you don’t believe in God come along and listen to the practical advice the Bible gives and decide for yourself if it makes sense.

We will show you Bible teaching that can really help you deal with the pressures of living in today’s world.

And they won't cost you anything other than a little of your time.


Monday 8th October

A new perspective on MANAGING YOUR MONEY

Monday 15th October

A new perspective on COPING WITH STRESS

Monday 22nd October

A new perspective on BRINGING UP FAMILIES

Monday 29th October

A new perspective on CHANGES IN SOCIETY

Monday 5th November

A new perspective on CHANGES IN CLIMATE